Tuesday, 12 February 2013

What a Lovely Day!

Today has been a very happy day, and I liked it so much!

Firstly, Claudia, Henry and I went to our local music class which they always enjoy. So a good start. After lunch we made our way to Boscombe to meet my friends and have a look around the new premises for 'Loft and Print'. We were shown around by Neil and Jill, who have some awesome ideas for the place and it's really exciting. I got a good feel for some great creative stuff happening down in Boscombe. Once it is up and running I will definitely be going down to give printmaking a go, so look out for more cards, print style!
Next we checked out the scrap project next door, my son and daughter thought it was heaven! So much to look at, including lots of sparkly things, right up our street, and will come in very handy when I start my after school art club (still at planning stages at the mo.) A must visit for anyone who likes doing anything arty, it will inspire you no end.
I had also promised Claudia a hot chocolate, so we headed to 'Bosconova', a really cool cafe round the corner from the above 2 places. And we weren't disappointed, as soon as we walked in,vthere was a relaxed friendly vibe, the place had a lovely relaxed style about it. Needless to say we all really liked it. We spent a good few hours in there drinking fresh mint tea, hot chocolate and playing with toy cars, which doubled up as raisin delivery vans (its a long story). I recommend this place to anyone looking for a friendly chilled out cup of something yummy, we will definitely be going back!

Next was Ballet for Claudia, very pink and very sweet, she loves it!

And the reason I am blogging so late, is that I have spent the last hour or so cutting out fish, as I am heading 'back to school' tomorrow to help at Claudia's pre school make rainbow fish with her class, should be a good morning. Will blog some photos of the finished fish tomorrow.

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