Sunday, 3 February 2013

Totally Inspired

Hi, this is my first blog post, and I am writing to tell you about my art. It's thanks to a drawing I entered into a competition at a lovely shop called 'Number 83' in Westbourne which stocks some of my bike cards, that I have just experienced a truly inspiring weekend.  From entering the competion, my illustration of how art makes me happy, I won a ticket to the 'Design Your Career' conference in Bournemouth.
It has been an awesome 2 days. I missed my 2 children, I think it's the longest I have been away from them since my son was born 18 months ago, but they were Iin good hands with their Daddy and Grandad. So off I went and listened to some fantastic talks from the likes of Patricia van den Akker, Nicholas John Frith, Kresse Wesling and Wayne Hemingway to name a few (these were my favourites). Most of the people who spoke to us had a great story to tell, and more often than not had started from where i am now, with some art, some ideas and ambition.
Now, to me it all seems possible. With my cards, collages, prints, cushions, unicorns and other animals and insects and lots more to come. I know I can make a real go of it, get out there, find some more admirers for my creations and make a bit of money along the way.
So thank you Number 83 for having a competition, I'm so glad I entered. And thanks craft coffee cake for sorting out such a great, inspiring weekend.
Bring on the art, I'm ready!
competition entry

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