Wednesday, 15 July 2015

BRAND NEW! Illustrated Animals A5 Greetings Cards

I have recently launched my brand new range of 5 'Illustrated Animals' cards featuring tattooed animals, including a hare, a cat, a horse, a bear and a wolf. This collection is slightly bigger then my other cards, and are A5. So they would work really well in a frame too.

I designed them for the amazing Rocksteady Tattoo UK in Worthing, so they are available there to buy, or you can browse them on my website here .

Here's pictures of the cards, hope you like them!

The Hare

The Bear

The Cat

The Horse

The Wolf

The cards come cello wrapped with a black envelope, and are in stock and ready to ship internationally in 1-2 business days. They are printed here in Dorset on 'carbon captured' card with biodegradable inks. 

UK shipping is free!

Click here to browse these new cards, and delight some one special with one in the post! 

'Open House' Exhibition at Poole Lighthouse with Southwest Artwork

I have really enjoyed taking part in the 'Open House' exhibition at Poole Lighthouse, which was organised by my agency 'Southwest Artwork' , you can have a look at their website here . It is a collection of artwork by a number of Southwest Artwork artists, and is well worth a visit. The private view is on the 24th July at 6pm, if you'd like to come along?

One of the best things about this exhibition is that we were allowed to paint on the gallery walls, and it was a real pleasure watching what other artists created on the walls too. I hope you'll get a chance to go and take a look.

Here are some pictures of the black unicorn and fox which I created at the Lighthouse.....

I also completed this stag painting/ collage, the stag is painted in gouache and he is surrounded by golden sequins. He is now hanging in the gallery as well as a selection of my framed prints.

I hope you'll be able to make it along to the private view on the 24th July, but watch this space for news of any new exhibitions coming up too. 

I'd love to know what you think, if you'd like to leave your comment below. 

Stag Commission

I was recently asked to do a painting of a stag for a living room, I decided to do something a bit different to my normal style and used oil paints and pallet knife to paint , here's the results....

I loved painting this commission, and am happy to say that the new owners absolutely love it too! If you'd like to have a look at my commissions page, just click here , and if you'd like to discuss a commission, just email me at .

Exhibition at The Learning Resource Centre, Wimborne

I am currently exhibiting some of my framed prints and some original sewn artwork at the Learning Resource Centre in Wimborne. It is great to see my work exhibited in a public space in my home town, makes me realise how much I have achieved over the past couple of years!

And to top it off, some lovely visitors to the exhibition were kind enough to leave some comments on my artwork, here they are if you'd like a read!

'I really enjoyed your art work. Very refreshing and spiritual.'

'Thank you for some really imaginative prints, especially 'Midsummer Night Fairground'

'A Lovely selection of artwork.'

'The most stimulating art work seen in a very long time. Although I am very old, I am going to emulate your free imagination'

'Have enjoyed seeing your innovative art work, very inspiring'

'Entering the world of make believe- what a refreshing show of work - often quite whimsical I think with a certain charm of youthfulness, some images are very illustrative and I am sure they could be part of a story which needs to unfold. We all enjoyed.'

What lovely comments, they made me so happy.

Here is a photo from the exhibition, if you're in the area, and would like to have a look, the pictures are up for another week.

If you'd like to browse my whole collection of prints you can go to my website right here 

Thanks so much for reading, if you'd like to leave your comments below, I'd love to hear from you.