Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Art with Children- collage!

We do lots of art at home, my children and I that is. They always really enjoy it and so do I, the tidying up, not so much, but the art is great! 

This morning we decided to do some sticking, so I thought I'd share it with you. If you have seen the paintings and collage on my website, you will know that I love a bit of sticking! So do my kids, and most other kids from my experience of teaching nursery and reception.

 So we got out the tissue paper and pritt stick and got to it. 

I got the tissue paper shapes from 'Yellow Moon' but any paper will do, we also used cut up card and doilies, and we used pritt stick this time, a lot less messy than pva (although that's fun too sometimes). The thing  about collage with these bright shapes is it's really effective, and the children can make a large piece of art very quickly and easily.

I helped my little boy with putting the glue on and then adding the shapes, he is learning colours at the moment, although most things are usually blue, so it was good to practise that too. He loved it. 

My daughter is older and very into cutting with her new scissors, so she cut out tiny little bits and sandwiched them between other pieces of card, then made some fish with the tissue paper shapes.

This is my son's finished masterpiece!

And this is my daughter's.

We had a lovely time!

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