Tuesday, 5 February 2013

New Card Idea

Today, after such a productive day, and evening yesterday (i was up till late making labels for my new ribbons) I have been thinking about some new little people arriving in the world at the moment, there seem to be quite a few. My cousin has had a beautiful baby girl, our neighbour has also had a beautiful baby girl and some friends are due to have their beautiful babies pretty soon too.

All these babies has set me thinking that I do not have a 'New Baby' card. Since I have been designing my own cards, I have stopped buying cards, as I prefer to make them myself. Not that I don't like other people's designs, in fact some other designs I find are just so lovely. It's just that I like drawing and designing them myself so very much. So this is a sketch for a 'New Baby' card I am going to complete later on this evening I think. I find it quite difficult to spend an evening not drawing or making something these days, it may be becoming a little bit of an obsession, but I'm fine with that. Time passes so nicely when I'm making things.

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