Sunday, 24 February 2013

Art with my children (and husband who really enjoyed it too!)

This morning was Sunday morning, and as we were all at home and free for the morning, we decided to do some sponge printing. Pete was on hand to help out too, which was great- an extra pair of hands to make sure most of the paint ends up on the paper is always helpful.

When painting is mentioned in our house, our children are always very enthusiastic, so out came the paint, sponges, paper, aprons....and we were off!

Like Collage, sponges are brilliant, you can get great effects with them, and they come and can be made into all sorts of different shapes, so my two love using them, and make some lovely pictures with them.

Pete joined in too, and he doesn't get to do much painting, so it was really more like having three children doing art togeher instead of just 2!

We all had lots of fun with the sponges and later on, brushes, rollers.fingers and what ever else they found to paint with! Most of the paint ended up on the paper, some of it on Henry too!

The finished masterpieces!

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