Thursday, 7 February 2013

Secretly Buying Wicker Baskets

Since I have been creating my cards, I have been out and about, going to various different shops that I think may be interested in stocking them. I have been heading mostly to shops that I really enjoy shopping in, and been pleasantly surprised and very pleased that some of them have decided to add some of my designs to their lovely collections.

I have been drawing away, and I now have quite a big range of cards (well from when I first started anyway), and wondering round towns in Dorset, with a portfolio folder with all my stock in was getting to be quite a work out.....So recently I have started taking just one example of each card along with me and taking orders from there.

So, I thought, it would be very nice to have a lovely box to take my cards along in. So this is where the wicker comes in. I am quite a fan  of wicker, and my children's toys are stored in a range of wicker baskets in our front room. Following this, I have had quite a few conversations with my husband about the increasing amount of wicker in our house (he is not such a fan), which my 3 year old daughter has over heard. It has now come to be that whenever we see any wicker baskets, before I have even expressed an interest in buying them, I get sternly told by my daughter 'NO MORE WICKER BASKETS MUMMY!'. So when I decided a lovely box for my cards was what I needed, I also had to pick a time when I could go out by myself to buy this box, which of course was a wicker basket, so I would not get told off by my daughter!

So my cards are now in my lovely new wicker basket, which I'm afraid to say, did get seen by my daughter, and yes, I did get very told off for breaking the rules. But then again, what are rules for?

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