Sunday, 17 February 2013

A Sky Full of Kindness

When you're just getting on with everyday things and rushing about seeing people, doing jobs, having a cup of tea, playing, drawing and so on, you forget there's a whole, great big world out there, with people doing similar things, getting on with life.

Well I had an email from Australia which reminded me there are some lovely people out there. It made me think of a beautiful book I got given for my birthday last year by Rob Ryan (whose art work is stunning) called 'A Sky Full of Kindness'.

Well, one of my card orders had ended up at the wrong place as the recipient had typed their address slightly wrong. So the parcel may well have just been put to one side, or got rid of, but instead the lovely lady got in touch with me, and I was able to sort it out and the cards ended up in the right place after all!

Just made me happy there are some really brilliant people out there.

And if you need a present for anyone, go for 'A Sky Full of Kindness', it's a lovely story!

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