Sunday, 24 March 2013

The Anonymous Travelling Market at the Larmer Tree Gardens

So, yesterday was my first ATM, and I had a great day. It certainly lived up to expectations. When I got there in the morning, there was even more of a buzz in the air, everyone setting up their stall, beautiful treats for your eyes all over the place.

I was really pleased I had been on Friday to take most of my things, it meant I had a pretty calm set up and everything was in place in time for me to go and get myself a hot chocolate before the market was open. It was very cold, so a hot chocolate was just the ticket. I have to say I was so pleased I had opted for a stall inside!

Pete, Claudia and Henry turned up soon after, and soon after that the children's music session started too, they loved it! In fact they loved it so much they stayed for the whole day, there were so many lovely things for them to see and do. Music, a disco from a wheelbarrow, face painting, story telling, and stalls with cupcakes!!

The arctic weather had not put off the punters and the market was bustling. I was really pleased with how it went for my first one, the prints and cards were popular, and the ribbons went OK too. Here are the best selling prints...

The next stop for the ATM is at Dorset Day at Clayesmore School in beautiful Iwerne Minster on the 28th April. I am hoping to do this one too, and also hoping the weather is a bit kinder, as there's no indoor spaces there! It looks like it will be a great day for the whole family again though, so looking forward to it already.

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