Saturday, 16 March 2013

Playing the Game

I recently had a PR meeting, very grown up, and very exciting! It was over the phone with Helen Dean, who is great, and who has really inspired me and made me believe that my little art and craft business (I am now getting more used to calling it that!) could really go places.

She gave me lots of advice, tips, contacts and so on. A lot to be getting on with, so much so I have been up until 1130 or midnight most nights working on stuff lately. This was completely unheard of a few months ago, I would be fast asleep by that kind of time.

One of the first things she said was 'Get your Estsy and Folksy shops up to date!'. I have had shops on both these sites for a while, but once I launched I have not really been keeping them fully stocked. My thoughts were that there were so many people trying to sell stuff on there that no one would ever find me, let alone buy something from me via either of these websites. (although I have had a few sales through Etsy). Well, I thought wrong.

There is a whole game to be played, treasures to find, people to follow, favourites to mark. It has got me a bit addicted, and also made me feel part of a bigger wider community of artists and crafters the world over. There are sooooo many talented people out there, and it's made me never want to go to a big high street shop again. I would much rather buy from one of the people I have found on Etsy or Folksy, because I know how wonderful it feels when you get a beep on your phone, and a message to say you have had an order. Some one has found you, and liked something you have made so much they have decided to buy it, awesome!

I sold some thankyou cards to some one in Australia recently, so my little animal thankyou cards are floating around down under, hopefully being admired by the people who received them. It's a lovely thought.

So I will be splitting my time between all 3 websites now, and let's see what happens. Either way, I get to look at and find some beautiful things every day. What have you found lately? Today I think my favourite is this.....

Her shop is lovely

Please comment and join the game! 

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