Friday, 8 March 2013

I Love Stationery

I have always loved buying new stationery, especially new packs of coloured pens or pencils. I think it's something about all the bright colours in just the right order looking beautiful.

I remember at primary school, quite vividly, (i must have been about 7) one of my friends having an amazing set of coloured pencils, they were in a wooden box, and there were loads of them, all in colour order. I was very envious, I have never had a set like that, maybe one day.....

Nowadays, now I'm all grown up, with my own money, I can't seem to resist a new pack of pens or crayons. And now I even have children of my own, what better excuse to buy more lovely sets of coloured pens, chalks, crayons, glitter pens, paints, our collection is ever on the increase. Well it is very good for them to have access to a wide range of media to experiment with (that's what I tell myself!).

My latest purchase were these twist up crayons from Staples, so lovely, an practical too. Crayons so often snap or aren't very bright, these ones are very nice and bright and can't snap easily as they wind up, brilliant! All for under a fiver.

From today, I do have another good excuse to go shopping in an art and craft shop as I have used up most of my daughter's silver glitter finishing this 'Pegasus'.

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