Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Sewing Machines are Great

Two years ago my mum bought me a sewing machine for my birthday, to begin with I just did bits and bobs on it, not really knowing what I was doing. If I needed to do sewing I normally did it by hand, a little bit scared of the machine in case it went wrong in some way or other.

But then I thought, what am I so worried about a sewing machine for? I was so pleased when I got it and I have hardly used it. So I booked onto a lesson at Hanson's in Sturminster Newton (a very pretty little Dorset town with a great big fabric warehouse) Apparently people come from miles around to go to this shop. They were very helpful and gave me a half hour crash course on how to use my sewing machine, then \it was up to me.

And guess what? It really wasn't so scary after all. With the instructions by my side, I was off, and now I have taught myself to make cushion covers and everything! And I've even sold one recently.

I started to do the ribbons to tie them together, not only because I love ribbons, but because I haven't learnt how to do a zip yet, but I don't think I am really bothered about zips now, because I really love the way they look with the ribbons, so pretty! And it is a good excuse to go and buy ribbon. My house is steadily being taken over by ribbon, what with cushions and bike and scooter ribbons.

My husband normally makes sure we walk very quickly past any areas in shops where there are cushions, but now there is no escape, because I can make them myself! Maybe some day, we won't need any chairs as our house will be full of cushions and ribbons, you could just open the door and throw yourself into the cosiness of it all (I'm sure Pete would love that).

So if any of you who are reading this have a sewing machine and it's in it's box gathering dust, then just get sewing, it's so great, and you can make beautiful things with it. My next project is bunting, as I now have lots of off cuts of material.

If you still don't fancy giving it a go yourself, then you can always treat yourself to one of my cushions instead!


What have you made on your sewing machine? Would love to hear....

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