Saturday, 2 March 2013

The Beach, Ribbons and Cupcakes

Today actually felt like spring was in the air, so we headed to the beach. It made me think, as it always does when we go to the beach, that we really should go a lot more often. It is so beautiful, and today the sky was blue and the sun was shining. It really was idyllic.

We took the scooters, addorned with ribbons, of course, and the camera and had a bit of a ribbons photo shoot! Claudia and Henry had  fun riding them up and down the promenade before and after playing in the sand and running away from breaking waves (Henry and Pete did get their shoes a bit wet much to Claudia's delight!). The beach was bustling with smiling people and happy dogs, it's wonderful what a sunny day can do.



After a play at the beach, we climbed the hill again, up to have a cupcake and cup of tea (and hot chocolate) up at 'Lulubelles' a very pink (right up Claudia's street) and very lovely new cafe next door to 'Lulubelles' cake shop in Canford Cliffs. If you haven't been yet, you should go. It's delicious. I have been meaning to go since it opened a few weeks ago, as my 'Ribbons' are for sale in there amongst some other lovely locally made products.

It has a very warm atmosphere as soon as you walk in, and the mini cupcake menus are a great touch. The cakes taste as good as they look, the tea is served in pretty bone china cups with a saucer, and the hot chocolate is yummy. My children had one each too, which came in their own little cup and saucer, perfect for making it all a little bit special for them.

The icing on the cake was that I noticed some of my 'Ribbons' had gone, so hopefully some little people out there are riding or scooting about with my 'Ribbons' on their handlebars, a very nice thought.

A fantastic Saturday, which felt quite Sundayish, which makes it even better as we still have Sunday to go! Will definitely be back at Lulubelles for another treat soon.

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