Friday, 22 March 2013

One More Sleep and The Lumineers

This week, I have been mostly getting ready for my first Anonymous Travelling Market, well my first one as a 'seller'. There is one more sleep to go, and I am very excited!

It was open today for people to set up their stalls in advance. I decided to do this, to save a rush in the morning, knowing me I probably will still be in a rush, but still at least most of my stuff is there now. I went out in the car, by myself, this does not happen very often at all (having 2 small children means they are usually in the back) so going out by myself in the car is a rare treat.

Living in Dorset, we are very lucky, as most drives are very pretty, even if it is pouring with rain, as it was today (of course it is going to stop by tomorrow). So I was driving through beautiful rainy Dorset with the stereo on loud, not with Cbeebies or Tumble tots, but the Lumineers, my new favourite album since my little brother gave it to me for Christmas, I can not get enough of this album, if you haven't got it, get it, it's fantastic!

As I got closer to the Larmer Tree Gardens, my favourite track came on 'Big Parade' which made the drive up to the gardens along a long drive lined with trees even more enjoyable.

I found my way round to the right part and went into the beautiful Pavilion (where my stall is), a few people were there already, and there was a kind of buzz in the air. Everyone putting out their beautiful products, I felt very honoured to be part of such a talented lot!

I set up my paintings, cards, ribbons, cushions, prints, and bunting. Fish Ticklers and more prints to join them tomorrow morning! Just one more sleep to go....Hope to see you there, it's going to be brilliant!

You may even see a peacock or two...

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