Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Planning a Party (nearly 4 year old style!)

We just spent Easter weekend up in Morpeth (where my husband's family live). We had a lovely time, but it is VERY far away (6 hours drive). So on the way there we drove after bath time and our 2 children slept most of the way, ideal. On the way back we left in the afternoon so we would get home too late, what with it being a school night (for Pete).

This was fine, but meant lots of ideas to keep Claudia and Henry from getting too bored and wanting to get out half way down the M1. Ipad and phones came in handy (not sure how much got deleted off Pete's phone by Henry) but it kept them happy for a while! Once that ran it's course, we decided to start planning Claudia's party, she is going to turn 4 in two weeks.

It killed a lot of time, and we got all the plans sorted. Guest list, we had to stop suggesting people as Claudia just said yes to anyone we suggested she may like to invite. Menu, got some good ideas together, and party games too. It should be a great day, getting quite excited about it.

The theme is going to be 'Cat, Dog and Fairy', original, I like it! 

Claudia has also commissioned me to make a whole load of pink and purple bunting so this

will soon be turned into something like this

More photos to come when the design for the invites is done! Claudia now knows what the date is, as she is counting down to her party. Watch this space!

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