Monday, 15 April 2013

Party Preparations Continue

Since our trip in the car, and party planning session, the big day is getting ever closer!

We have made some good headway, first and foremost invitations have been sent. the theme being 'Cat, Dog and Fairy' I saw a window to put pen to paper and design her some invitations, see below, she was very pleased with them!

So they were sent out, and most people are able to come, hooray!

Next job I thought I better get on with was the 10 metres of bunting Claudia had asked me to make, I am getting very fond of my sewing machine, and starting to feel quite at home on it lately, so I have been enjoying making a load of bunting for her, and very pleased with the result.

We bought some balloons today as well, and baked and froze the sponge part of the cake (that was Pete's job, with some little helpers!) I'm ready for the icing part.....more photos to follow! 

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