Tuesday, 13 December 2016

BRAND NEW Prints Now Available At Sarah Lovell Art

I have been busy drawing and painting away, in between sending out Christmas orders and looking after my little tribe. Which means new designs which are now available as prints for you to buy. I had some beautiful photos taken of the new designs by the very talented Darren Lovell  . You can see the new prints below, just click on the image to be taken to my site and read more about each one, hope you like what you see!

'Jenny' a magical black cat amongst the stars, perfect for any cat lover 

 'Mali' the city cat, there's not a back street or garden gate she doesn't know!

A new Samuel Fox adventure, this time on a mountain train 'Clickety Clack'

 'Down in the Jungle' : Samuel fox explores the colourful jungle with his two little friends, watch out for the tiger! 

Now taking to the skies, Samuel Fox flies his bi plane 'Fox 1' above some mystical islands in 'Let's Fly'

I love the photos of my limited edition (run of only 50) giclee print 'Into the Blossom' it looks so lovely in the white frame. One of these has even been shipped to Hong Kong, get yours right here . 

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Thanks so much for reading, I'd love to hear what you think of these new prints, just leave your thoughts below....

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