Tuesday, 13 December 2016

BRAND NEW 'I believe in unicorns' Brooch

A few weeks ago, I noticed a few lovely brooches / pins on Etsy where I have a shopfront too, I love browsing on Etsy , there are so many talented artists and makers there, and I have found some wonderful gifts for friends and for myself!

These little brooches really caught my eye, and set me thinking that I could add a brooch to my collection in time for Christmas with one of my unicorns on, to begin with, I have plans for more designs too. If you know my work and read this blog regularly, then you will know I am a big fan of unicorns and they feature often in my illustrations. So I decided to go with one of my most popular designs which is available as a print and a card in my shop 'I believe in unicorns'  it seemed to lend itself well to the brooch idea.

I got in touch with a very friendly and helpful company called Made by Cooper, who make these lovely pins, and were able to put what I had in mind into production, and now I have these beautiful little enamel unicorn pin brooches , and they are now available to buy on my website.

They are proving very popular so far, below are some pictures of the brooch, and you can get your right here they make ideal stocking fillers.

Take some unicorn magic along with you each day with this little brooch 

The back has a strong pin and a simple clutch fastening to secure it to your clothing.

The brooch comes mounted on a card with the same unicorn on, taken from my original painting.

My daughter wearing hers, which she is very pleased with! A few of  my friends have bought them for their children, but they are a great gift for grown ups too, I love mine, and you're never too old to believe in unicorns!

I'd love to hear what you think of my new little unicorn brooches, just leave your comments below :)

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