Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Brand New LIMITED EDITION A3 Prints by Sarah Lovell Art

I have been working on a couple of new designs and had them printed as limited edition (run of 50) A3 prints. They are a bit different from my other prints, but think you will still be able to see they are by Sarah Lovell Art!

The first is 'Midsummer Night Fairground' an illustration of a magical carousel that appears in the woods one magical summer night. take your pick of a ride on a beautiful pink unicorn, a leaping brown hare or proud mint green deer, all set amongst the trees lit by fire fly fairy lights. Who knows where they will take you....

I always like to think of stories to go with my drawings, and this one conjures up a million adventures in my head. 
It would be great in a child's bedroom, imagine lying back together at bedtime and thinking up stories together about the magical Midsummer Night Fairground!

The second new one is 'The Girl and The White Horse' a magical meeting of a young girl and a mystical white horse who meet in a flower meadow on top of a hill surrounded by yellow butterflies on a beautiful summer's day. Anyone who shares my love of horses and what wonderful creatures they are and what good friends they can become will identify with this drawing. I loved drawing it, and hope it will bring you happiness if you purchase a copy.

All the prints are signed and you can get yourself one right here for £12.95 (excl p & p) , a perfect gift for Christmas or birthday, and remember, if you do get one, you will be one of only 50 people in the whole wide world to own one!

I would love to hear what you think if you leave a comment below, thanks for reading! xx


  1. Hi Sarah,
    Love your prints! Love someone that uses there imagination and produces something magical! You've drawn 'me' in the meadow with the white horse : ) Will purchase one in couple of weeks. x Teresa

  2. Thanks Teresa, that's lovely, I look forward to sending you one! xx