Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Adrenaline Junkie Animals (Extreme Sports Card Collection)

Hi, I have been working on a few designs for my extreme sports animals collection lately. I have had the idea for these for quite a while, and have finally got them down on paper.

In my former life (before 2 little ones) I did have a go at few adrenaline fuelled sports, and was known by our friends, before we got married, as Pete's 'extreme girlfriend' , a title I was quite proud of. I love a bit of adrenaline as much as the next person.

Snowboarding is completely one of my favourite things to do, it's just incredible, and you can't beat fresh powder on a sunny day. (I do not claim to be any kind of expert, but I can get down a mountain pretty well).

Surfing is something I have conquered at a very low level. I love the beach too, and the sea. I went on some travelling adventures with my lovely friend Laura, where we spent a lot of time trying very hard to stand up on a board. And I am proud to say I have managed it, but don't ask me to do any tricks.

Last but not least, I have also sky dived, which was one of the most scary and exciting things I have ever done. If you really want a proper adrenaline rush, go and jump out of a plane. I was strapped to someone who knew what they were doing though, and have not even considered a base jump, or a wing suit as my fox is wearing in my painting below.

I always remember some one saying to me, and something that is a well known moto 'Do something that scares you every day' I'm not sure if I manage it every day, but these are a few things that I have done, and that have made my life even more enjoyable, and have also now inspired these card designs. Looking forward to the day we can take my two children surfing and snowboarding (I think they have inherited a bit of thrill seeking blood by the way they throw themselves off the sofa onto the beanbag!)

Check out my designs for my extreme sports animals card collection below, soon to be printed and available from . But there's lots to have a look at there in the mean time.

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